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We provide a top class fitting service. Our reputation is second to none and we are frequently asked to work on the most difficult and challenging carpet jobs. Our knowledge and skill in this area has been amassed over thousands of jobs in Ireland and abroad.

Rug Binding

Any off-cut of carpet can be bound at its edges by one of our machines to create a new rug, or if you want a custom-sized carpet to cover a larger area we will shape it out and bind it at your home. Our machines overlock the edge of the carpet giving it a stylish appearance and protect its edge from fraying. The binding machine also edges stair runner carpets. If you would like to make a proposal for any bespoke rug design please contact us and we would be happy to help.

Carpet Repairs

We are Cork’s carpet repair and re-stretching specialists. Whether you want a section of damaged carpet repaired, a loose area re-stretched, a seam rejoined or an existing carpet re-padded we provide excel lent results. Carpet repair is a specialised art that is not available at every carpet company and this sets us apart as one of Ireland’s premiere carpet fitting and repair services. We are highly skilled and knowledgeable in this area and will provide you with any advice you need.

Repair Services

Underlay Replacement

Stair shifts

Patching/ Bonded inserts


Seam repairs

Threshold repairs

Underlay Replacement

Modern carpets are fairly durable but after some time you can start to see them lose their colour and texture; carpet fibres might not stand up straight any more and you tend to see matted-down patches. Our carpet re-padding service provides a full or partial replacement of underlay in order to prolong the life of an existing carpet, giving it bounce, and also helps maintain its look and durability. New underlay also provides greater insulation than old underlay and will keep heat in your home for longer.

Stair Shifts

Stairs and landings are usually the areas where carpet is most frequently replaced. As the first noticeable signs of wear and tear show on a stairs carpet it is worth considering having it shifted on the steps. Repositioning the carpet will extend the life of the carpet and ensure that you are getting the most from your original purchase.


Areas of carpet with stains, burns or blemishes can be patched to improve their appearance with excellent results. Seams that have split can be rejoined.


Carpets can sometimes buckle or bubble and have a lumpy or rippled appearance. Restretching the carpet will make your carpet look like new.

Threshold Repairs

Carpet that has become worn, frayed and loose at its edges can be refitted; any grippers, door bars, naplocks or accessories replaced.

Don’t let your landlord keep your security deposit for worn or damaged carpet. They will frequently keep all the deposit in order to replace the carpets.

Have the carpets repaired and keep your deposit!