Call or email us to organise an appointment to measure your job. Give us a brief outline of the flooring you want and we will meet you with samples.

If you would like to try measuring the area yourself please read the measuring tips below.

Metric or Imperial?? Use whatever form of measurement you feel comfortable using. When measuring small areas such as steps, winder steps, quarter landings etc it is usually easier to use inches or centimetres rather than feet or metres.

Measuring a Room

You need: measuring tape, pen and paper.

  • 1.   Draw the outline of the area you want carpeted on a sheet of paper (graph paper is best) Include any recesses, doorways, bay windows, fireplace etc into your drawing. This will give you a good visual starting point.
  • 2.   Measure the full length of the floor of your room and write down the measurement in your diagram. Take care to measure between the two farthest points.*
  • 3.   Measure the width of the room.
  • 4.   For more complicated Rooms or Halls and Landings:
    Measure the perimeter of the area in a series of measurements. i.e. Pick a starting point and work your way around the perimeter of the room in one direction writing down all of the separate measurements for each edge/wall in order until you return to your starting point. Make sure to mark the location of each doorway on the drawing or any details that require special attention.

Stairs and Landings (work from the top down to the bottom)

To measure Landings follow the instructions 1-4 above making sure to mark down the location of any doorways on your drawing. Also mark down where the top of the stairs meets the landing.

Box Steps: Measure the width of the staircase (inches or centimetres) by measuring across the width of one step. Count how many straight box steps there is on the staircase. For example, you might write down: 80cm wide x 12 steps.

Winder steps (these are the triangular or kite-shaped steps at the turn of a staircase).

Width: Measure the width of the winder step across at its widest point.

Length: Measure from the point furthest back on the flat of the step over the riser to where it meets the next stair.

You will use the same method for measuring half landings, quarter landings and bullnose steps.

* Important! a recess or doorway of the room, that adds to the overall length or width of the room can sometimes go unnoticed, so please take care to include these features of the floor area of the room!

**Some photographs of the area you want carpeted helps us to see more clearly what is involved in your job. A photo of the basic outlay of the room plus pics of any details of the floor area are very helpful and will aid us in giving you advice and information more efficiently.