We offer a diverse range of Contract carpets to suit any commercial setting; Heavy duty and cost effective, gel-backed carpets that will provide a bright and smart environment for your office space. We supply extremely hard wearing, pattern printed carpets suitable for hotels, restaurants, bars, function rooms and venues where a suitable combination of style and durability is essential.

  • Carpet tiles

    are a superb product for commercial use! The tiles are very durable, easily maintained and any area that becomes heavily worn or stained, such as under an office desk or doorway, can be easily refurbished with replacement tiles. Carpet tiles come in various pile constructions, textures and styles and provide great potential for innovative design in your floor space; tiles of a different colour can be placed wherever you wish to create the pattern of your choice. The installation process for carpet tiles involves less disruption to the work area compared to the installation of regular sheet floor coverings, as the need for moving or the removal of furniture is kept to a minimum.

  • Entrance matting

    is essential in helping to stop dirt and moisture from entering a building. Cleaning and maintenance costs are dramatically reduced by utilising the correct matting system and will help prolong the life and look of the other floor coverings in your building.

  • Safety Flooring

    provides excellent durability and sustained slip resistance in areas such as wet rooms, cool rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and bars. It comes in many colours and can be easily incorporated into any innovative design plan.

  • Marmoleum

    flooring is a 100% eco-friendly alternative to traditional vinyl flooring. It is an extremely durable, natural product containing anti-microbial properties making it suitable for use in any interior where hygiene is important. It is available in sheet or tile form and comes in a variety of colours for commercial applications in addition to residential projects.