Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

If you want a great-looking, hassle-free garden that requires minimum maintenance then Artificial Grass is the perfect choice. Staying green all year round, a well-crafted lawn can last up to 20 years and you’ll never have to worry about cutting the grass again!

In recent years manufacturers have perfected the synthetic grass-like fibres which appear incredibly realistic, even on close inspection. Its clean and crisp natural texture is a pleasure underfoot and it looks harmonious and tidy in any setting. We have even fitted this product in bedrooms!!

Artificial Grass is a highly durable product that is low maintenance, dries quickly after rain and is non-slip. Great for resurfacing drab and dreary decking, or a patio area that is stained and slippy. It suits areas of heavy scuffing such as under picnic benches and playgrounds where the grass tends to get worn away leaving muddy patches. The synthetic UV resistant fibres will never fade or bleach in sunlight. With a regular lawn, shaded areas of slow or zero growth that receive little or no sunlight can be kept perennially covered.

Versatile and multi-purpose, practical and adaptable, Artificial Grass can be used imaginatively in the home or office, conservatories, greenhouses, sports areas and exhibition spaces. Line the inside of your van…Cover the roof of your garden shed… Practice golf at home on your own custom putting green!

Artificial Grass is a child & pet friendly product that is a clean and safe option for a children’s play area.It works fabulously in small spaces such as balconies, roof terraces and patios or for larger areas where you would like to create a realistic looking lawn.